community-engaged research

Community Engagement Core

Community Engagement Core 

One of the main priorities of the UC Davis Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) is to help develop partnerships between environmental health researchers and the communities where they work. EHSC’s Community Engagement Core works with researchers and community groups to help build these relationships, which focus on the San Joaquin Valley and other areas throughout California. 

My visit to Grant High School

I was recently invited to speak to students in the GEO Environmental Science and Design Academy at Grant High School in Sacramento, California. An environmental activist I met through Sunrise Sacramento connected me to the program.

The GEO Academy is a series of environmental science classes for sophomores, juniors and seniors interested in environmental studies and includes coursework in environmental science, sustainable agriculture and land use and environmental design.

COVID-19 research

COVID-19 is a disaster on an epic scale that has turned our lives upside down. 

Beyond the numbers of cases, deaths, and the unemployed, are the real impacts on individuals and their families. A pandemic of this magnitude and suddenness demands quick action from decision-makers.  However, information about workers, their health, their economic security, and their needs remains incomplete. The goal of this research project is to understand how workers and their families have been affected by COVID-19 pandemic at home and on the job. 

Building Equitable Partnerships for Environmental Justice

This curriculum is a two-day workshop that walks researchers and community groups through the essential tenets of community participatory research. It covers everything from building equitable partnerships and understanding power dynamics, to leveraging university resources and more.

Jonathan London, PhD

Jonathan K. London, PhD is an expert in participatory research, rural community development and community-engaged planning. He connects researchers to California’s rural communities by focusing on environmental justice issues.