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Our Community Research Priorities

Community Research Priorities

The UC Davis Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) supports translational environmental health research in collaboration with community stakeholders located in California’s Central Valley. This region is home to 4 million people that face high rates of poverty, racialized and disproportionate exposure to environmental hazards and limited access to health care.

One mechanism the EHSC uses to center those most directly impacted by environmental health issues is to maintain an up-to-date list of Community Research Priorities. These priorities synthesize high-priority, policy-relevant research needs identified by our Community Stakeholder Advisory Committee (CSTAC). Each year, these priorities are integrated into the EHSC’s Pilot Projects RFP to help scientists develop timely, policy-relevant environmental health research projects. 

Download our 2024-2025 Community Research Priorities: 


If you would like to develop a proposal on one of these topics and/or be connected to one of the community organizations we work with for possible research collaboration, please email the Community Engagement Core’s Assistant Director, Shosha Capps (