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Wildfire resources

Wildfire Resources by Angelina Angelo

1 in 6 Americans live in areas of high wildfire risk. It's not a question of if you will experience a wildfire. It is a question of when. To prepare for a wildfire, you can: (a) learn about alternative evacuation routes in case the usual routes are compromised; (b) fireproof your home; (c) develop an emergency plan.

Honoring the Women Who Were Trailblazers in Environmental Health

Women's History Month, observed annually in March, is a time to celebrate the contributions of women throughout history. Today we want to celebrate women who have made significant strides in pursuing environmental justice. Their work has helped us better understand the natural world, identify environmental challenges, and develop solutions to protect our planet. Their legacies inspire us to continue the work of advancing environmental science and inclusivity in science.

UC Davis EHSC Collaborates with SEIU-UHW on COVID-19 Workers Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic flipped our world upside down. Among other things, it had a dramatic effect on work & workers. Yet, particularly during the early days of the pandemic, this effect was unclear. 

EHSC researchers developed a survey to understand how workers and their families have been affected by COVID-19 – both on the job and at home. We also collaborated with several organizations to develop customized versions of the survey. 

International Women's Day Q&A with Scientists and Staff

March 8th is International Women's Day. To celebrate, we sat down with some of our staff and scientists to ask about the women who inspired them.

Below is a transcript of our conversations – edited for brevity and clarity. 

Could Everyday Noise be Affecting your Health?

Did you know that all five of your senses are exposed to environmental factors that can affect your health? You breathe in wildfire smoke, you see how droughts are affecting agriculture, taste compounds polluting your water, and you touch chemicals in cosmetics and shampoos- but can you hear a threat to your health? 

The simple answer is yes. A walk in the city, blasting music on the radio on your daily drive, or working around loud machines all expose you to noise pollution. 

Black History Month: Environmental Scientist Features

February is Black History Month and we would like to feature a few of the Black and African-American scientists and researchers who have propelled the field of Environmental Health Sciences forward. 

Environmental Scientist Features:


International Women in Science Day Q & A

February 11th is International Women and Girls In Science Day. To celebrate, we sat down with four of the Environmental Health Sciences Center Core Leadership Group to ask them about their experience as women in the STEM field and what advice they would give to the next generation.

Below is an edited transcript of our conversation.