March 2022 Science Seminar: Dr. Carolyn Slupsky & Dr. Kari Neier


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Prenatal exposures, the placenta metabolome and neurodevelopment (Dr. Slupsky) & Using epigenomics and transcriptomics to gain insights into mechanisms of PCB toxicity (Dr. Neier)


Dr. Carolyn Slupsky holds a joint appointment in the Departments of Nutrition and Food Science & Technology at the University of California, Davis. Her research is focused on the nexus between food, the gut microbiome, and health, with a focus on understanding how diet and the environment impact the relationship between the gut microbiome and host metabolism. She is particularly interested in how food, nutrition, and environmental exposures impact the microbiome to shape prenatal and postnatal infant and child development. 

Dr. Kari Neier has a PhD in toxicology from the University of Michigan and is a postdoctoral scholar in the LaSalle Lab at the University of California, Davis. Neier's work focuses on bioinformatics, analyzing and integrating metabolome, microbiome, bulk, and single-cell transcriptome and DNA methylome data to investigate the pathophysiology of Rett Syndrome and mechanisms of developmental PCB toxicity.