May 2022 Science Seminar: Dr. Scott Simon & Dr. Jasquelin Pena

Medical Students

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Immune Mechanisms governing inflammation (Dr. Simon) & Impacts of wildfire on soil biogeochemistry, water quality and links human health (Dr. Pena)


Dr. Simon presenting on "Innate immune response to infection in the skin and lung: A tale of two organs" & Dr. Pena presenting on "Impacts of wildfire on soil biogeochemistry, water quality and links human health". 

Dr. Simon is a professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of California, Davis. The Simon Laboratory studies the innate immune mechanisms governing inflammation, infection and atherosclerosis. Dr. Simon develops technologies to delve the force and molecular dynamics by which neutrophils and monocytes recruit to inflamed endothelium and respond to tissue insult. His strategy is to mimic the hydrodynamic shear, chemokine gradients and adhesion molecule presentation by using recombinant protein substrates and endothelial monolayers in microfluidic based lab-chip devices.

Dr. Peña is an associate professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Davis and a Faculty Scientist in the Earth & Environmental Sciences Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She investigates reactions that occur at water-microbe-mineral interfaces, especially those that mediate the transformation of contaminants, carbon and nutrients. Dr. Peña is interested in research at the intersection of natural and engineered ecosystems. She aims to advance the fundamental understanding of these intersections and develop sustainable solutions to address soil and water quality issues.