Coronavirus under a microscope (Photo credit: NIAID)

COVID-19: Profiles from the frontlines

The American workplace has undergone a sudden and major transformation as workers across the nation have had to adapt overnight to the realities of COVID-19. While the interviews below don't represent all workers' experiences, they seek to raise the voices of a few key ones on the frontlines so we can understand the unique challenges they face. 

Check back to this page monthly for new profiles of workers from different industries. You can also add your voice to hundreds of others by participating in our COVID-19 Survey for Workers. Help document COVID-19's impact on your health and job by joining in this important research study today:

With the help of the California Domestic Workers Coalition, a version of this survey has been created for home-based workers providing services like cleaning and caregiving. If you're a domestic worker and would like to participate in this research project, please email Sarina Rodriguez at